jeudi 20 août 2009

The Go Roku Nana Hachi

Time to deal with The 5,6,7,8's! Early Tokyo rock'n'roll scene again. This early footage is awesome. That was just before Eddie (now guitarist of MAD3, i'll talk bout that on day) joined. Those two sister are awesome! Ronnie (guitar and vocals) and Sachiko (Drums) perpetrate the living soul of rock'n'roll since 1986! They distilled their garage sound for more than 12years, so you can say it, that's vintage! Ronnie much cutter now than in that video.

And if you click on this artwork (designed by their friend, Rockin' Jelly Bean, also responsible of the "Bomb the Rocks" compilation album artwork, and numerous awesome flyers) you'll get a link to download their first album from 92'
Contains numerous hits, including the killer song "I was a Teenage Cavewoman" (their second single, with Eddie on guitar).

samedi 15 août 2009

A nice ballad with Guitar Wolf

This song is absolutly not characteristic of Guitar Wolf (well, in fact, in a way, it is) style, it's their only ballad (a cover of Eikichi Yazawa, japanese Johnny Halliday..), Seiji alone with his guitar. This song turned to be considered as an ode to Billy, but as the PV attests, it was done before Billy's death.
I'll talk about Guitar Wolf, they're enough well known overseas so I won't have to present them. (early 90's, Tokyo rock'n'roll scene, first recording in Memphis, first american tour, "wow japan still have kamikaze", japanese garage craze, that kind of crap).
I love you Ok, then:

Oh, and i decided to translate something something Seiji wrote on his blog when Michae Jackson died: It's about the 30cm long slide opening in his left brain when he thinks about the people he considers as tensai (genius, prodigy). So here's the list, for the first time avaible to non japanese readers! Not only musicians, but actors, athlets...I find this list somehow touching, as the others post on his blog. His blog is great, you're somehow getting the impression of reading a secret diary..
So, he're the list:
-Steve MacQueen
-Alain Delon
-Antonio Inoki (former japanese wrestler)
-Shigeo Nagashimaa (baseball player)
-Mohammed Ali
-Lupin the 3rd
-Johnny Thunders
-Mike Jaggers
-Rockin Enoki (from Jacky and The Cedrics)
-The Cramps
-The Ramones
-Angus Young
-Elvis Presley
-Onochin (from the Jet Boys)
-Kyoshiro Imawano
-Sid Vicious
-Brian Setzer
-Link Wray
-Yoshiko from the 5,6,7,8's (drums)
-Bad Brains
-Tina Turner
-Ichiro (baseball player)
-a young black waitress he saw in New Orleans a long time ago
-Shoken (japanese actor & singer)
-Yuusaku Matsuda (japanese actor)
-Joan Jett
-Cherie & Marie
-Martina Navrátilová (tennis player)
-Hideki Saijo when he was young (actor and singer)
-Jin from "Maboroshi" (gang in the movie "Crazy Thunder Road Battle")
-Iggy Pop
-Nadia Comaneci
Usain Bolt
-Jimmy Hendrix
Edifying right?

jeudi 23 juillet 2009

Total rip-off from Japan: 54 Nude Honeys

Their's a example of the worst things you can export from Japan: a girl band dressed like bondage doll slut, playing staticaly uniform dull produced so-called "garage punk". Thanks to Marc Zermati who propulsed them to an ephemeral glory, they splitted up. Anoying jap-english out of key singer, armless drummer, poor cd packaging, that's fucking aweful crap for deaf j-pop fan fetishists.

Punk rock divas my ass. Cause we all know that the only girl group which really rocks are The 5,6,7,8's.

Beginning with a death...

Thee Michelle Gun Elephant's guitarist, Abe Futoshi died on July 22, 2009. He was 42. Imawano Kyoshiro, now Abe, that's a lot of solar eclipses for Japan this year.
Ironic pretext to present them...

Formed in 1991, they broke up in 2003. There's a lot of online english sources on them cause they are quite known overseas, but i reassure you, it's not another "ultra-cool kung-fu garage punk from Japan" as uninformed press usually like to qualify japanese bands (notify the quasi-systematic use of words as kung-fu, tsunami, tougher that Hiroshima, kamikaze and affiliated when talking about japanese bands). I don't don't have any starting point to qualify their music, exept than nothing filters through their steamroller-like deafening wall of sound. That's Rock and any others adjectives are superfluous. Chiba Yusuke (vocals, guitar) often seems to scream, but once you'll pass this pitfall (if this is one for you) you'll discover than a lot of their song are actually very well composed and even if they're poseurs, even if the lyrics are sometimes repetitive, this band deserve its reputation. I would like to upload the LP long version of Dany Go but i can't encode my records, so try to get Gear Blues,amazing double LP on Triad with great gatefold packaging.
This video is kind of long, but it's awesome. Thrilling footage of Abe's guitar playing (watch that with the proper material!). 

lundi 13 juillet 2009

Introducing The Neabeats

We're sliding away from punk now, and getting to another core: genuine rock'roll like in the old days. Seriously, who would this band formed in 1998? The Neatbeats are the finest in their category: mersleybeat, rock'n'roll, beat, it's damn good to dance to. But what's the point? Doing exactly the same music as it use to be done in the 60's? But your missing the point asking those questions. Here it's about doing what you like, and make girls and boys dance till the end of the night. If your still in the dark, i warmly recommend "Neat-At-Best", a compilation of 25 songs which will give you a good idea of the band's musical universe. They're from Osaka, recorded steadily since their debut in 1998 with some american releases on Get Hip records. Manabe Takashi (Mr. Pan, third from left) is writting a very interresting blog: Mister Pan's Diary (in japanese). The song I choose to present is a 6min long blues/garage race, "Big Red Partner". Damn good.

And if you wanna dance, here's "Shinkû Pack (bottle pack special)" an exclusive song of "Neat-At-Best"↓

vendredi 26 juin 2009

When the bomb falls...

Studio live version of bakudan ga ochikkochiru toki (''when the bomb falls).
Rock'n'roll is also about performance right? Here's a good example showing you The Blue Hearts at their best: hyperactive, directly from the heart, sung with guts! Great lyrics too, what will happen if a bomb was dropped... Will surely be interesting, cause there's ''too much thing i don't need".
Even if they are an hyper popular band, it's still punk, in a japanese way or in one other...

samedi 6 juin 2009

The Cro-Magnons
Well, with The Cro-Magnons (za Kuromaniyonzu), i will finish presentation of the 3 successives groups formed by Komoto Hiroto and Masatoshi Mashima.
These two are kind of an exception: doing a band for 10 years, and them form a new one.
Let me sum up for ya:
The Blue Hearts (1985-1995)
The High-Lows (1995-2005)
and now The Cro-Magnons (2005-2015??).
So, here's a live footage of their song Dangan Rock (Bullet Rock!). Yes, thats where the name of my blog comes from.
Its from their debut single album Tariho, but i will develop that later.
Almost all of their song have the strange capacity to turn easily into anthems.

If america had Iggy Pop, Japan still have Hiroto! Not bad for a 47 years old ojisan right?